About Me – CemTranslations

I’m a freelance translator with over 10 years of experience. And I’m here to share that experience with you…
Over the last decade, I have passionately worked my way up, learning the ropes and navigating the translation world. And in the process, I further developed my translation skills and figured out what is best for me.
I have dabbled in the different fields and types of translation. After getting my translator’s degree, I was lucky enough to get an intern job in a major company, and worked my way up from there. Translation is something that I’m very passionate about and in a way, I think it’s a superpower. Yes! A superpower!
The human body is an amazing mechanism, and our ability to scan shapes and letters with our eyes and transform them into something the brain deems legible is outstanding! Now, take this ability even further by scanning said letters and transforming them into words in a completely different tongue or language, almost instantly; AMAZING!
This is one of the reasons I have always admired interpreters; they are the alphas of that kind of superpower. They are the reason why I always knew since I was little that one day I want to be able to do the same.
After working in the corporate world for some years, all the while doing some online translations here and there, I realized that although translating is what I’m meant to do, the corporate world isn’t the right place for me.
I became more immersed in the idea of developing my online presence as a translator, and I learned a lot during this process. I experienced the ups and downs of what it is really like being an online freelance translator. And this brings us to the purpose of this blog.
The first thought of this blog to provide a helpful guide to online freelance translators who are just starting up their online career, just like I was, many, many years ago. I hope to provide you in this blog with helpful tips and guidelines in the form of tips, tricks, and hacks that I have learned along the way. I will share some of my past experiences with online freelance translations and how I have come to know that being a freelance translator online is the best thing for me. I will share tips and comparisons about the best tools and products that can help you have a better experience.
So, stay tuned to read and learn more about this amazing and vast world of translation.
Looking forward to helping you, so you can, in turn, help someone, too!